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Association Bye-Laws

Issued in accordance with Rule 48 of the Rules of the Association

Bye-Law 01/2019/20

Rule 24 has long provided for annual checks of the accounts of the Association's funds, but a difficulty, caused primarily by the absence of a vice-Chairman, has arisen in recent years preventing the timely accomplishment of the intended task. The Committee has decided to extend the pool of available individuals to include all Committee members and not just the Officers. Rule 24 will, on endorsement at AGM 2020, read:

Rule 24. The accounts of the funds of the Association shall be subject to an independent check annually, as soon as possible after the end of the financial year of the Association (31 March), by 2 members of the Committee of the Association other than the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.

This Bye-Law gives immediate effect to that revised Rule 24.

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