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Normal Topic Tesco horse burgers - these will make you cringe...... or whinny (Read 2,100 times)
Richard Jenner
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Location: Black Isle, Highlands
Tesco horse burgers - these will make you cringe...... or whinny
26.01.2013 at 17:11:09
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Have you tried the new horse burgers, low in fat and high in shergar.

    Anyone know what to do with these 100 horse burgers I`ve been saddled with.


    I had a horse burger for my tea the other day, still got a bit between my teeth.


    The wife made Tesco beefburgers for tea last night and asked if I wanted anything on it.  I said "A fiver each way".


    If you thought Tesco's were in sh*t about having horse meat on their burgers just wait til they analyse their Quarter Pandas!


    My posh girlfriend likes to eat Waitrose finest beef burgers with a bit of Red Wine, I prefer my Tesco value ones with a bit of Red Rum.


         Whatever next? My Lidl pony?


    I see absolutely no problem with horsemeat in my burgers, which is why my mane is so glossy and I'm running in the 3:10 at Kempton


     Went to the freezer to check my Tesco burgers, and....THEY'RE OFF!


     Never having another one of those Tesco burgers. Gave me the trots!


     Gotta admit tho', when the disease inevitably hits - 'Crazy Horses' sounds way cooler than 'Mad Cow'


     I've tried Sainsbury's and Tesco burgers and I have to say Tesco wins by a nose!



    When cooking Tesco burgers the correct term is not 'medium to rare'. It's 'good to firm'


    I hear the veggie burgers have been found to contain traces of uniquorn.


    One man has already been hospitalised after eating the offending horse burgers.
    His condition is described as 'stable'.


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Andy Wilkins
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Location: Northumberland
Re: Tesco horse burgers
Reply #1 - 14.02.2013 at 21:41:29
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Nevermind their horseburgers - try their Greek meatballs - they really are the dogs doodahs!
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